With askamon you can centralize, consult, manage and add medical data for efficient management of personal medical records and improved control of health expenses.

askamon allows medical information to be centralized and shared between practitioners. Doctors, physiotherapists or any other designated person within the medical staff can instantly update the records. askamon is a global sharing tool that enriches communication between health professionals, and improves the quality of clinical follow-up.


askamon has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, especially for those unfamiliar with data systems. Ergonomic and intuitive, you can use all the functionalities of the tool in a few clicks.

With askamon, you can work anywhere and everywhere from a Mac, PC, PDA or Smartphone. For total simplicity and to seamlessly meet your needs, askamon is available with or without Internet connection.

There is no limit with askamon:
• The program can be installed on all customer terminals.
• Data storage capacity is unlimited.
• You can use the software anytime, 24/7.

Security and confidentiality
The solution respects all security and confidentiality standards. Askamon has been endorsed by the Ministry of Health and Sports and the permissions of both CCIN & CNIL. Askamon reliably and efficiently manages the complex transfer and hosting of computerized personal medical data between different healthcare agencies. In effect, IMSPro acts as a trusted third party with all permissions for hosting personal medical data.



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